Which Coffee Machine Is For You? Part 3

Ground Coffee Machines

The classic, original ground coffee machine. You can't go wrong with these machines. They brew 64oz of coffee at a time, which makes these machines great for meetings and large groups of people at a time. These machines do have a little more of a clean up because of the filter paper and grounds but all in all they are great and easy to use machines. We can also run water lines to the machines to save time from filling them up yourself. Lastly, we can put them on a timer so that your machines turn on and off at the times you would like.

The Encore Ground Lite is also a great ground machine! You get everything you would get with a whole machine but with ground coffee 🙂



The Encore Ground Coffee Machine

This colorful machine is just like the Whole Bean version but it has ground coffee! So you still get the whole bean coffee look with the different options!  It is good for those who don't have a lot of space. It has a futuristic vibe to it! You can put Dunkin Donuts, Reunion Island, Seattle's Best and other brands in this machine.

• 2 Ground Coffee Options
•1 ½ and ½ Coffee Option
•Iced Coffee
•Hot Water
•Energy Shot
•Long Espresso
•Hot Shot Blend
•French Vanilla
•Vanilla Coffee
•Vanilla Mochaccino
•Café Latte
•Chocolate Latte

Old Fashioned Coffee Pot

Sometimes you just want a good old fashioned pour over coffee pot! We have 2 different types of coffee pot machines.One is a 3 burner coffee machine. This machine comes with short 68oz glass coffee pots. The other machine we have is taller and does not need extra burners. For this machine we use thermal airpots. These thermal airpots stay hot and fresh throughout the day making them a more popular way to go when it comes to coffee pots.


Set Up A Consultation Today!

We will work with you and your business to set up the optimal office coffee program. This includes providing you with all the information you need to make the best decision for your situation. Many companies try to fit you to their mold, ignoring your specific needs and desires. Our consultants listen first and then make recommendations second. From the type of coffee brand you want to the machine that best suites your locations needs CBM is here for you.

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